some program download links that may save you time below

if you cant find what your after ask in comments below


driverpack solution online     notebook drivers

Snappy Driver Installer

Driver Genius

Nvidia graphics drivers   Ati graphics drivers


Adobe Flash Player  stable   active_x    plugin    ppapi

Adobe Flash Player  Beta      active_x    plugin    ppapi

Adobe Shockwave Player download

Adobe Air Player download

Adobe PDF Reader download


Java 8 stable download

Java 9 stable download

Java 10 stable download


Visual C++ 2005 runtimes x86     Visual C++ 2005 runtimes x64

Visual c++ 2008 runtimes x86     Visual c++ 2008 runtimes x64

Visual c++ 2010 runtimes x86     Visual c++ 2010 runtimes x64

Visual c++ 2012 runtimes x86 & x64   

Visual c++ 2013 runtimes x86 & x64

Visual c++ 2015 runtimes x86 & x64

Visual c++ 2017 runtimes x86 & x64


Direct x runtimes

K-Lite Mega codec pack    Winrar

WLMessenger 2012 7/8    Skype

Firefox Fully Localized Versions     Firefox adblock addon extension

Firefox x64  Firefox x86


YouTube to MP3 Converter

Classic Shell Start Menu


Framework 2.0 x86     Framework 2.0 x64

Framework 3.5 x86      Framework 3.5 x64

Framework 4.0 x86 x64


ImgBurn    UltraISO   Nero

Burn iso image to disk


Avg Free AntiVirus x86

Avg Free AntiVirus x64

Microsoft Security Essentials x64

Microsoft Security Essentials x86

Microsoft Security Essentials XP

Malwarebytes antispyware program

CryptoPrevent Malware Prevention


Download utorrent Client

Download BiglyBT 32bit Client

Download BiglyBT 364bit Client

Download qbittorrent Client

the actual torrent to download for windows would be in the post desired at the bottom of the page of the desired  version post


Emule Standard Download Client

Emule Modded Download Clients

the actual ED2K link to download for windows would be in the post desired at the bottom of the page of the desired  version post


Peerblock download

when installing peer block use those extra lists if needed

most people just use p2p list when using torrents



Rufus  Create bootable USB drives the easy way
Rufus is a utility that helps format and create bootable USB flash drives, such as USB keys/pendrives, memory sticks, etc.  this is what i use to copy a windows OS to usb


WinUSB  Windows multiboot USB creator


Overwolf   Zero_Buzz


67 Responses to Software

  1. Andrew Dial says:

    I have installed but I have a samll problem, I have no drivers, neither audio or graphics. What should I do?


  2. lil-fella-uk says:

    hi.. have you tried using driver genius..
    or driverpack solution online


  3. Andrew Dial says:

    No, I have not though I shall now. I have attempted to use a few other drivers but apparently my hardware isn’t compatible.


  4. Andrew Dial says:

    thankyou ever so much for that, it now works perfectly, i had best copy that link for future use!


  5. aristotle says:

    Hi, thanks for the software, so far everything is working fine. I’ve had the same issue as the other individual above regarding audio/video drivers, but going down the drivers genius path you suggested, hoping for the best…


  6. Sajjan says:

    lil-fella-uk Sir,

    Your this software makes life much simpler for us. I have no words to speak on the perfection you carry while creating it. Hundreds of such Isos are floating on web but all are behind by miles.

    However, I must share, as much as your software is wonderful, both inks are totally pathetic. It took me over 48 hours to download. While even this time was worth for I got something special, I beg you to please work on finding better links, next time Sir.


  7. lil-fella-uk says:

    i only upload on ed2k and torrent.
    i used to only upload on ed2k as i found a lovely ed2k family website and feel very at home there
    thought i’d upload on torrents to spread my work a bit more..
    i wont ever upload to mediafire or such, as i like the feed back on the websites im using.
    remember to get my work from this blog as others upload my wares else where and may alter it in some way then it may not work as it should.. so get it from the real deal here..


  8. Sun says:

    Is it safe to install? from security point of view.

    Can we have a Genuine copy. [Corporate Student]


  9. lil-fella-uk says:

    yeah its very safe to install..


  10. Mark says:

    Hi , I have beening trying to install the Feb 2012 edition, but I keep getting hal.dll file missing error messages when I try to book using the image (I have not installed the OS yet). Can you help?


  11. lil-fella-uk says:

    why dont you try the newer version july 2012


  12. TrueBoy says:

    hey lilfella plz make all setup-updates patches in single iso for Microsoft Office 2010 sp1 you know best how to do it,so you only do this good work 🙂


  13. lil-fella-uk says:

    when i make a big dvd student edition i normally put office 2010 and other useful apps in a folder on the root of the disk.. that office 2010 is always updated..


  14. gurchar sing says:

    sir, download torrent not support please Help


  15. lil-fella-uk says:

    we are not using torrent links at current time
    just emule ed2k links
    have to use a emule client to download our operating systems on some pages
    links will be in ED2K network fashion
    you will join a queue and have to wait..
    the more people downloading the faster it will be for you to get it..
    the more you upload the quicker the queue will move…

    when you have emule installed..
    click on servers tab and connect to a server..
    then click on kad tab and click on connect..
    now click on transfer tab.. if the xp iso is in the list it will start downloading..
    to see the queue list double left click on the file and it will show all users and queue list..
    if you need to add the xp iso image to the transfer list goto sharethefiles and click the link at the bottom of the post there and it will add to the transfer tab list..
    if it dont add right click the link and copy the link location from sharethefiles then right click in the transfer list in emule and paste.. then the iso image should be in the list to download..


  16. Junior says:

    Hi lil-fella,
    Thanks for sharing with us your project downloads.
    I’d like to know if It’s possible to make a bootable USB flash drive with your torrents – particularly the student DVD May 2012 edition (my target is making the XP install more quicker), or any ? If so, can you recommend software/s or link/s for this procedure ?
    Second thing, are there any similar Win7 projects you’ve made (or planning at the moment) to put here for downloading? I noticed only one here from 2011.


  17. Junior says:

    Another thing :
    someone told that he got virus worning when downloading the DVD May 2012 edition (in its commemt s there). This got me too, so here’s what AVG 2012 reported about this :
    “”;”D:\WINXPCD\software to install manually\Eset\TNod-\TNod-\$JF\TNODUP.exe”;”Virus found Fat-Obfuscated”;”Infected”
    “”;”D:\WINXPCD\software to install manually\Eset\TNod-\TNod-”;”Virus found Fat-Obfuscated”;”Infected”
    “”;”D:\WINXPCD\software to install manually\Eset\TNod-”;”Virus found Fat-Obfuscated”;”Infected”
    “”;”D:\WINXPCD\I386\SVCPACK\VCREDIST.EXE”;”Trojan horse Dropper.Generic6.ACFM”;”Infected”

    3 manually to install softwares, and one .exe file. all recognized as malwares. * downloaded from H33t link.
    So,once and for all, is there or isn’t a problem with these files (and the whole ISO download)?
    Hope you help clear that unsolved matter ASAP.


  18. lil-fella-uk says:

    TNod is a auto key inserter for eset antivirus it keeps the key up to date
    its safe to use and is now updated to v1.4.2.1
    when eset is used with my cfg.xml file that should be with the eset setup file,
    then eset advanced options is then auto set to max and tnod is also excluded from being scanned.

    VCREDIST was a older c++ runtimes silent install that i used to use that some one else made, i guess its the software they used to pack it with.
    now someone else is updating that silent installer and its not picked up by some antivirus softwares anymore.

    there both safe and wont harm your windows setup..


  19. Alex says:

    Hey, I just downloaded your Windows XP Gamers Edition July 2012. I burned the iso file on a DVD-R and everything worked fine , the DVD is ok , but when I try to boot from it , it shows up a black screen which tells me to ”choose an OS to start from”. I only got 1 choose : ”Windows 7” which is the OS I’m using right now. After I select that , it just starts my computer normally , without Setup or anything :\ any ideas? I can’t really figure why WIN XP’s Setup wont start D: Plz help me. PS: I wrote the same comment on the WIN XP GE page , sorry for the spam.


    • lil-fella says:

      with all our windows. you have to install from system bootup..
      start your pc and boot from the disk drive with the windows in.
      when you see ‘press any key to boot from cd’ then your on your way to install


  20. alaa says:

    i have copy from xp cd when i set up it and tray to run any online games i see
    cant find file manger.dll i dont know what to do
    any help plz


  21. lil-fella says:

    ive done a search on my xp machine for manger.dll and nothing showed up..
    maybe its to do with one of your online games you have installed your trying to run.
    or maybe its maleware or spyware..
    try running a antispyware program do a full scan..


  22. Sajjan says:

    As good as your applications are, the download links are as damn pathetic. I am compelled to say this because I love your creation, not because I carry any tendency to criticize.
    I am trying to download latest Win 7 andl Win Xp. For last 24 hours my eMule is waiting to be connected on Xp where not a single byte has been downloaded. It is s downloading Win 7 at 11.17 kb/sec out of 4.25 gb Remaining time is 6d 5h.
    I am so amazed for their are much faster torrent links which whole world uses except lil-fella.
    To me it looks kiddish, a child is bent to only what he thinks is right. Normal Torrents constitute 98% where eMule only 2%. Speed is THE reason.
    Such beautiful creations lil-fella, your fans do not deserve such cruel treatment.
    It is very much possible that out of all illegal reloads there are some may have been reloaded by your fans to provide better access and not to undermine you.
    Please think on this angle too.
    Best of luck. May better sense prevail.


    • lil-fella says:

      you can get just as much speed using emule its just a case of the more you share the quicker the queue moves as you gain uploadscore and rating. then your emule client will download more at a better rate.. emule suits my bandwidth better as when i use torrents my bandwidth capp is reached sooner then my isp capps my total speed up/down to a very slow rate. but when i use emule the spread is quicker as i use ‘share only needed parts’ option in my emule.. and if known people ask for a friend slot they will also download quicker.. i suppose its a matter of knowing how the software works best..


  23. Robert says:

    Well, eMule is fine if you have the time to wait.

    Problem is most people on queue are stuck at 99%, with no full copies available across your server list. So whoever is seeding it, needs to log back on to eMule so we can finish and keep this alive.

    Thank you all for the incredible job om your releases.


  24. Adonis says:

    Thank you very much, very rare to find such honest and perfect effort. very appreciated.


  25. Abid says:

    i m trying to download windows xp student edition october but its not working…..i would like to know is there any torrent link where i can get this one???plz help me


  26. Abid says:

    i have already download emule but its not working………


  27. lil-fella says:

    @ Abid once you have emule installed and open ,
    then copy and paste the whole ed2k link to emule transfer window..
    once its added to the list.
    make sure your connected to KAD and SERVER
    then you will see in transfer tab it will be downloading
    if you double left click on the file in emule transfer list it should open up with who is in the queue

    the ed2k link your after


  28. Abid says:

    thx for your reply…..its working now but speed is issue…again n again connecting n disconnectin…plz upload on torrent if possible…when will be the november edition upload???


    • lil-fella says:

      when microsoft release there new updates each month…
      second tuesday in each month.. called patch tuesday..
      then is when people make there updated install disks


  29. Abid says:

    Hi……i m sorry but i have to say that its totally unfair from your side that u have upload your work on a server which is very very very very slow…its been three days n i have just download 144Mb..very unfair plz upload your work on a torrent so each n everyone can download easily n enjoy it…right now its very unfair sorry can’t expect from a person like u…..hope u will consider about it…..thx


  30. lil-fella says:

    @ Abid does your emule have a HIGH-ID when connect to a server ?
    are your ports forwarded ?
    are you sharing enough data with other people downloading the same thing
    to gain credit rating as everyone in the queue has to gain credit from others to get lower in the queue to be able to download from each other. the more faster you share the queue becomes faster moving aswell..
    and i think you would have known what i would say about using torrents at the moment
    read this page


    • Abid says:

      Well i did’nt share with anyone infact i wish i could finish it as soon as possible so how can i share with someone???n secondly i dont wanna any kind of credit from anyone….plz tell me what is the meaing of emula ”HIGH-ID???n how i can check it???as far as your concern about stolen work mayb u would b right but torrent is more speedy n that is fact n u have to admit it……..its your own work so u have the right whatever u do with it……hope 2 c your work on torrents as well…….thxx


  31. Abid says:

    Hi i m downloading windows 7 n it has been almost downloaded 3.6 GB but now it is not showing on transfer window tell me how i can check it again?????????


  32. lil-fella says:

    have you checked your download folder for emule..
    or checked your temp folder for met files..
    or tried to add the ed2k link again


  33. Abid says:

    A file is exist in temp folder with the name of 002.part with 4.25GB size…..well when i added ed2k again it started downloading again from zero….


  34. Abid says:

    where i can find download history??????


  35. Abid says:

    in my emule download history folder is not shown………….


  36. Laveta says:

    I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You are incredible! Thanks!


  37. divotssss says:

    I love your work on XP and 7. Are you going to do windows 8 soon?


  38. lil-fella says:

    well we was thinking of posting new updated xp , seven and eight operating systems.. but some people that have left posts on our blog think we should not post any more


  39. Herolind says:

    Hello Lil-fella can you make a video to tell how to install and use emule ist dificult for me pleas i can not download the new windows 7 ultimate. Plase!!!!!!!!!!!!


  40. Black_R says:

    Argh…. installation of the Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x86 x64 October 2012 runs well, except it doesn’t activate! How can I activate it? Please explain in babysteps… 🙂


  41. jazzy says:

    i love your post i am waiting your new updated version of win XP
    when you upload new version ?????????????


  42. lil-fella says:

    @ jazzy check the stolen-work page…
    download links are locked due to many people reposting and tampering with the iso image we have been making..
    once all the re-posts have been removed then we will start posting new stuff here on the blog..


  43. jazzy says:

    and i love your post of in 2011 win 7 32bit pre-activated and for branded system themes
    that is amazing and now i download your new version that is not pre-activated and not branded themes
    this is not good …


    • lil-fella says:

      its hard to please everyone..
      some people like the normal look and others like branded themes look..
      some like it pre activated and some like to activate it them selfs..


  44. jazzy says:

    thanks but when you uploaded
    i mean this month or next month
    when ???


  45. lil-fella says:

    we have made new versions for jan 2013..
    win xp student edition jan 2013
    win seven sp1 x86 & x64 jan 2013
    but not posting them here until re-posts have been removed in stolen-work page..
    and will be same in coming months if re-posts have not been removed..


  46. jazzy says:

    thanks i am waiting your post


  47. lil-fella says:

    were also waiting for the re-posts to be removed..
    then we could start posting new stuff here..


  48. jazzy says:

    and one more thing when i restart computer in win XP
    start > run commands remove after restart
    how can i change this thing
    thanks again


  49. jazzy says:

    my dear my question is wrong
    actually i want to ask when i restart PC after restart run commands history is removed
    how can i change this thing ??????
    always thanks for U


  50. jazzy says:

    thanks thanks thanks
    Great post
    i am waiting your post


  51. Bob says:

    How about XP 64 bit program? Do you have it or where can I get it. I have been using your 7 program and then tried to clone it and now the program is no longer genuine so it says. Any way around this problem? Thanks for your work.


  52. lil-fella says:

    i dont make a win xp 64bit at current time sorry.. and now im not allowed to work for a while due to having a heart attack..


  53. jazzy says:

    dear i am still waiting your post
    when you post ?????


  54. lil-fella says:

    as said before… please read..

    we have made new versions for jan 2013..
    win xp student edition jan 2013
    win seven sp1 x86 & x64 jan 2013

    also im just getting over a recent health problem. and doctor said not to do any work for a while.


  55. jazzy says:

    oh okay dear i hope u’ll get better soon
    relax now
    when you feel comfortable then started work
    now please take a rest don’t reply to any one


  56. Mickey Mouse says:

    Thank you very much ! Long overdue ! Respect ! All The Best ! Cheers…


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