New Windows Ideas


If you had a choice to have a custom version of windows made what version would you choose and what would be included , pre installed stuff while windows is installing


were getting some ideas together to see what people want.

have your say !!

we might choose a winning windows version to make in the coming future. Good Luck…


windows xp pro sp3 (32bit) x86 iso

windows seven ultimate (64bit) x64 iso

windows seven professional (64bit) x64 iso

windows ten home edition (64bit) x64 iso

windows ten pro edition (64bit) x64 iso

windows eight pro edition (64bit) x64 iso


please choose only one windows version from above and give details below what you would want added / included & what version name



windows ten pro  (64bit) x64 iso

Sniper Elite Edition

added to the build

Windows updates till July 2016
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2015 (86&64)
DirectX 9 , 10 , 11 , 12
Classic Shell start menu

Sniper Elite 2005 Game Pre-installed
Extra  Maps added




21 Responses to New Windows Ideas

  1. eleutheria69 says:

    I would like see you release a “windows ten pro edition (64bit)” with updates, hot fixes and comon apps one would need to start surfing like flash, adobe, ccleaner, java etc.

    I also used to download your windows XP’s all the time back in the day, the only truly stable versions I could find. what happened to you any way? you were the king at creating custom windows.


  2. Ali Tanveer says:

    I could not agree more / the only truly stable version of windows available on the internet . been a huge fan of your windows releases . would like a release the latest version of Windows 7 ultimate x32/x64 .


  3. lil-fella says:

    we wont be making any more dual format windows iso’s .
    win xp 32bit
    win 7 64bit / win 8.1 64bit / win 10 64bit
    i think most people now a days only use 64bit windows.


  4. Ali Tanveer says:

    Oh yeah , You are right . Patiently waiting for win10 64bit . Hope you release it soon.


  5. lilbitw says:

    Well if you don’t know already there will be a co-op build by lil-fella and lil-bit in the near future so if you have any Idea’s on what you would like to see added into that build, now is the time to speak your mind. Also for updates on builds please click on the “NEWS” tab up top.


  6. Astro Bugoy says:

    can you make
    windows xp pro sp3 (32bit) x86 iso
    very possible lite, minimal interface and with only original and dark windows classic theme
    optimized for gaming (online games etc), multimedia(w/o WMP only game required files), browsing(w/o IE only software required files), LAN and for sharing net. needed microsoft updates, hotfixes and etc. Tweaks to boost everything (all possible tweaks).

    optional: (incase don’t want to install)
    -net framework

    software guide (like what to install best)
    antivirus firewall = comodo IS
    filetransfer = ultracopy
    media = klite
    browser = opera 12.18
    or etc. but don’t include all softwares. make it lighter just microsoft things only.


    • Astro Bugoy says:

      windows ten pro edition (64bit) x64 iso
      a very lite, speed tweaked and minimalist as possible too incase some security paranoids wan’t it that doesn’t like old OS.
      but for me i better stick with XP cause im not a fan of bloatedOS


      • lil-bit says:

        We have talked about making a lighter windows 10 version with privacy in mind, But changing/deleting services will eventually cause instability as your Windows OS is updated by Microsoft.
        That also applies to any gamers editions. If you plan to install a gamers edition you are urged to install newer versions as they come out.

        My advice to you is manually change the privacy settings your self. We may but together a Privacy guide in the near future.

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    • Astro Bugoy says:

      just an add up on XP
      ^software guide txt
      removed WMP = install Klite
      removed IE (partial) = install opera
      and so on

      cause most Win XP applications kinda outdated and many new apps can replace those things, only leave those system files requires for those replacements


    • lil-bit says:

      If you are looking for a lite XP you can try a Gamers edition. I am not sure If lil-fella plans on making a new gamer version. I do have his May 2016 Gamers Edition, But I have not tested it out yet And I dont think he released it officially.
      I am sure he will get back to you soon!


      • Astro Bugoy says:

        i use that ages ago, its really fast on gaming but buggy, got problem on madvr (media players) i dunno what to do, and those apps (non microsoft and other games) didn’t like it, better if ts optional.


  7. lil-fella says:

    we normally make two versions.. a smaller cdr minimal version
    & a bigger dvd more bloated version..
    maybe this time will just make a minimal version with driver packs added and no bloatware
    waiting on a fresh new update to come out then build on that. or take it apart in this case.


  8. I would like a WIN 7 PRO x64 Engine with a Modern WINXP Interface, files and folders to look and feel like XP would be nice and light.. with winxp , one can have heaps of windows( files or folders) open on the desktop at different size’s, i luv that… great for viewing multiple Data Hard disk Drives!!



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