Windows 10 Pro x64 1607 MULTI-10 (lil-fella build) January 2017 Team-LiL

Windows 10 Pro x64 1607 MULTI-10 (lil-fella build) January 2017 Team-LiL



made by lil-fella (Team-LiL)

multi 10 language installer
English , Arabic , German , Spanish , French ,
Pakistan , Portuguese , Russian , Swedish , Chinese

Windows updates till January 2017
Framework 3.5 & 4.6 + updates
Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 + Visio & Project + updates
Adobe Shockwave
Adobe Flash
Adobe AIR
Adobe Acrobat XI Pro
Klite mega pack 1280
Silverlight 5.1.50901.0
Java 8 update 111 (86&64)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2015 (86&64)
DirectX 9,10,11,12
Winrar 5.40
CCleaner 5.25
Pirate Tor Browser 0.8.(6.0.8)
Winaero Tweaker


Homepage URL:

Support info:




Piratebay.org_torrent_page   Piratebay.cr_torrent_page




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12 Responses to Windows 10 Pro x64 1607 MULTI-10 (lil-fella build) January 2017 Team-LiL

  1. lil-fella says:

    we got a Multi 75 language version of this coming soon when microsoft releases there next updates..


  2. this looks brilliant. Need seeders though 🙂 to download .


  3. when you upload Windows 10 Pro x64 1703 version


  4. lil-fella says:

    Not sure about version 1703 yet I’ve been hearing people having problems with it..

    RS1 = version 1607 , RS2 = version 1703
    RS3 = version 1840

    has anyone else had any problems with version 1703


  5. welleslley says:

    Currently using this version on my new pc. Went on without any faults and everything came with the windows; no messing about! Great set up and can’t wait for more to come


  6. Ahmed Kamel says:

    Any hope for downloading this version using torrent? No seeders and No peers. waiting for reply. Thanks for the effort given to this amazing site 🙂


    • lil-fella says:

      you are right there is no seeders at all left.. ive tried to add the magnet link to my client and it wont add.. ive tried to convert the magnet link to torrent file but failed.. was going to add to my torrent client then stop it.. then copy over iso image and carry on and share. maybe its best to wait for newer version.. unless some one else still has it in there client to still share it..


  7. Hello team lil-fella.

    I have a question I hope someone can answer. I have used the below version on my computer but after a windows update just about 3 days ago, Windows is now asking me to activate it. It doesnt really say that i should activate but I see the “Activate Windows Go to settings to active” message on the lower right corner of my desktop. What can i do to activate it like it did the first time I installed the below version. Thank you.

    Windows 10 Pro x64 Sniper Elite July 2016 Team-LiL
    made by lil-fella
    Support info:
    Windows updates till July 2016
    Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2015 (86&64)
    Winrar 5.40b3 regged
    Classic Shell start menu
    Sniper Elite 2005 Game
    Extra 19 Maps added
    Multiplayer online working


    • lil-fella says:

      hi choy.
      im quite surprised it needs re-activating and AutoKMS has not kicked in..
      there should be a exe in C:/Windows/AutoKMS/AutoKMS.exe
      and also a text document of the log file.
      maybe you could check and try using AutoKMS.exe to re-activate
      it should check itself on each windows loadup if it needs activating again
      if its not there maybe you installed a antivirus that has deleted AutoKMS.exe


  8. lil-fella says:

    have made a updated version of this in october 2017
    build 1709 with Multi 110 language installer
    weighing in at 11.3 GB iso


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